Long-Term Problem 5 - Performance 

This long-term problem provides a general description of unique circumstances that must be in a play lasting no more than 8 minutes. The trick is to get just the right mixture of elements required into a coherently concise story, without packing in so much detail that the audience cannot follow-along. This is no easy task! Examples of actual problem 5 descriptions and photos of our team's costumes are below. The team writes the script themselves. All of the sets, props, costumes, make-up, timing, and blocking are done by team members. They perform all parts in the play, create all sound effects, setup the props, transform costumes and sets as needed, and fix any malfunctions during a performance. The coach sits in the audience at competition. They are on their own. 

2023 Problem 5: The Most Dramatic Problem Ever!!!

OMG! Can you believe that happened? Teams will create a humorous performance about a dramatic character that overreacts to common events. The performance will showcase different theatrical styles as the character overreacts. However, in one situation their reaction is justified, but they are ignored. The performance will also include something that grows and a costume that represents two characters. 

2022 Problem 5: Life is a Circus! 

Sometimes life seems like a circus! Teams will create a performance about a young person enjoying a regular life in our world who wakes up one day to discover they somehow were transported into a circus world. In the circus world there will be original animals performing unexpected tricks, a clown, circus acts, and a ringmaster that announces the activities. The young person returns to the regular world thinking it was all a dream until they see a mysterious figure that turns out to be from the circus. 

2021 Problem 5: Superhero Socks: A Cliffhanger Beginning

Get ready for a story that begins with a cliffhanger “ending.” A Superhero is in peril and needs help to escape. Just as all hope seems lost, the Superhero puts on a pair of Super Socks that give the hero a special power. The Superhero uses the power to escape and fend off an adversary who caused the cliffhanger situation. Teams will also create an extreme weather setting, a humorous character, and a sound effect that occurs whenever the character activates the Super Socks.

2020 Problem 5: Gibberish or Not

Genius or not so smart, statements change from Gibberish at the start. Do the thoughts shine or miss the mark? Masses think they’re being led out of the dark. A Champion arranges meetings with those in power, and gibberish ideas bloom like a flower. The crowd replaces thoughts with wisdom, and a Child sees it is all just humdrum.  Misinterpreted over and again, twisted words fly in the end. Music blares and the celebration is wild, and misunderstanding is accepted by the child. The performance will explain why the child does not reveal the truth that what they believe is wisdom was really just gibberish.

2019 Problem 5: Opposites Distract

Disagreements can distract groups from seeing the bigger picture. Teams will create and present a humorous performance about a sneaky character that distracts others while trying to take control of anything the team wishes. In the performance it will lure others into silly arguments and be successful two times. The arguments will be presented using different dramatic styles and will include attention-getting effects. In the end, the groups will learn that they have been intentionally distracted and will catch the sneaky character before it takes control.

2018 Problem 5: A Stellar Hangout

In the outreaches of the universe, there is an Intergalactic Hangout where all sorts of creatures from different worlds stop, eat, refuel, and relax. Teams will create a humorous performance centered on this science fiction hangout that includes original creatures, foods, and a search for space treasure. There will also be a worker character, entertainment, and a futuristic map at the hangout.